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Motion Videos

See MILCO in Action

Welcome to our video clips section. We invite you to browse through and get a taste of the type of manufacturing we accomplish. These short videos show only a glimpse into the amount of applications we are capable of. There certainly will be more to come. We hope you enjoy!

Wire EDM Video

Wire EDM timed keyway slots inside a bearing housing for an electrical turbine. We only had one shot to get this right. Risking a $20,000 work-piece was not an option.

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Waterjet Machining Video

Running dual head setup through fixtured blocks of Inconel. At over 5" thick, this material can be hard and be left with a jagged cut and increased taper. By slowing the jet stream down slightly we were left with an uncompromised part.

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Hole Burning Video

EDM Holepop (4) .027" dia holes on the splined end of the ball race grooves on a gear spur out of 9310 material that was carburized and hardened - all on a 10 degree sloped angle.

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Sinker EDM Machining Video

Sinker / Conventional EDM machine a miniature "O" ring seat in a submerged pump housing. The call-out was for +/-.0005. It was deemed successful with a tandem setup.

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USAF Milco Flyover

F15, F16, F22, and F35 flyover Milco for the 70th anniversary of Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier in 1947.