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Medical Manufacturing EDM Services


MILCO Wire EDM specializes in manufacturing medical devices, medical components, and is a leading contract manufacturer of medical tools and implants for all aspects of the field including Diagnosis, Therapy, and Surgery.

MILCO Wire EDM takes great pride in providing Wire EDM, Sinker EDM and Small hole burning services to a wide spectrum of companies disbursed within the medical and surgical industry. We understand that manufacturing in the medical market demands superior accuracy, requires top precision, and needs the flexibility to accommodate the incredible demands of a constantly-changing and rapidly evolving industry.

MILCO's portfolio and catalogue of parts have ranged from the simple to the extremely complex. The categories of parts we have made are as broad as our expertise:

Here's just a few of the items we have manufactured in our facility:

  • Electrical discharge machining of high temperature alloys and exotic metals used for aerospace applications.
  • Surgical screws, bolts and hardware.
  • Medical implantation hand tools for inserting and extraction or recovery of implants.
  • Surgical Cathodes and syringe components.
  • Bone / Jaw reamers for Dental implants.
  • Go / No Go Gauges for Medical inventory quality control.
  • Breathing Regulator valves for oxygen masks.
  • Various splints and supports for orthotic and prosthetic devices.
  • Knee joint, shoulder joint and hip joint support apparatuses.
  • Tooling and dies for manufacturing, and stamping medical equipment and tools.

Whether we are machining medical tweezers used on a surgical robot or wire edm machining custom forceps or hole-burning a flushing hole on a dental drill; we are always striving for more ways to satisfy the needs of our diverse customer's demands.

MILCO benefits the Medical Industry with Electrical Discharge Machining by using:

  • Electrical discharge machining to machine high temperature alloys and exotic metals.
  • Large Volume and Small / "one-off" prototype order Production Capabilities.
  • EDM Wire, Sinker, Ram & Fast Hole & Small Hole Popping to aid in "one stop" shopping.
  • Medical-grade, corrosion-resistant, anti-rejection materials such as Stainless, Titanium, Aluminum, Hastalloy & other unique Alloys.

Whatever product, device, tool or idea your company would like to make or manufacture for the Medical and/or Surgical Industry, consider MILCO Wire EDM for your EDM processing. With the advantage of our vast experience in medical component manufacturing MILCO Wire EDM has completed thousands upon thousands of production jobs for numerous companies within the Medical Field.

MILCO Wire EDM plays a significant part in the manufacturing process for products in the Medical Device & Technology Industry. If you are not too familiar with all the different types of EDM and how it can benefit your product let MILCO Wire EDM Inc. be your guide. Our expertise at determining and pin-pointing the most efficient use of EDM and other machining methods for your project are unmatched and unparalleled.

Electrical Discharge Machining with MILCO Wire EDM provides unsurpassed repeatability and accuracy. MILCO Wire EDM Inc. uses wire EDM and conventional EDM as a single / individual machining process on products where dimensions and tolerance call-outs are beyond crucial. Plunge (Sinker) EDM is used to drill micro holes, create cavities and make complex shapes in hardened metals that are very difficult to machine. EDM could also be used as a secondary process to finish pre-machined pieces to exact dimensions that were not able to be met previously. MILCO Wire EDM Inc. is known for manufacturing all sizes of production parts from Micro Precision to Full Scale. MILCO has played a role in making tens of thousands of products for our customers. Our Medical industry customer base spans from all over the United States because we offer the highest level of Medical EDM expertise and services available, and at a very competitive price. When there is an absolute need for precision medical parts, MILCO Wire EDM is your best source.